We are experts at washing aluminum, cleaning aluminum, maintaining aluminum, refurbishing aluminum, refinishing aluminum and restoring aluminum.Contact the aluminum refinishing, aluminum restoration, aluminum cleaning and aluminum preventive maintenance specialists.
York Property Company cleans, repairs and restores faded, stained, oxidized, pitting and damaged aluminum window frames and aluminum clad panels.

Restoring silicone caulking stained aluminum. Cleaning and restoring stained, oxidized and bleached aluminum cladding restoration.
Aluminum cleaning, restoring, painting, repairing scratches, maintaining, faded, oxidized, chalked, damaged, stained aluminum. Aluminum building restoration, metal refinishing, building cleaning, scratch removal, metal painting, polishing, aluminum metal restoration.
We specialize in aluminum remedial maintenance, aluminum restoration, aluminum cleaning and aluminum washing.
We are experts at cleaning aluminum, washing aluminum, pressure cleaning aluminum and refinishing aluminum.
We specialize in aluminum preventive maintenance, aluminum refinishing, aluminum power washing and aluminum pressure cleaning.
We are specialists at restoring aluminum, power washing aluminum, refurbishing aluminum and maintaining aluminum.
Commercial aluminum building facade siding, cladding and panel cleaning, polishing, bleached aluminum restoration, maintaining, metal refinishing and restoring faded aluminum maintenance and preservation.
Faded, silicone stained aluminum building facade panel, storefront window frame, column and cladding refinishing.
We have aluminum cleaning, restoring, repairing, painting, refinishing and restoration systems to restore old, dull, acid etched, oxidized, pitted, weathered aluminum and mill-finished surfaces.

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Hardcoat Anodized Color Finishes: Anodized Aluminum - Architectural Class l and Class II

Aluminum is one of the most widely used architectural metals for building facade panels, window frames, mullions, corrugated siding, cladding and extrusions on today's commercial and industrial buildings.

Over time, if not maintained, aluminum surface finishes will start corroding, oxidizing and pitting. This is why it is so important to maintain, preserve and protect aluminum surfaces before they deteriorate from waterborne & airborne pollutants and contaminants. Sun damage, caustic environmental exposure and corrosion prevention are critical in maintaining and preserving aluminum surface finishes.

York Property Company specializes in cleaning stained aluminum window frames, maintaining bleached & weathered aluminum curtain wall window mullions, restoring oxidized aluminum corrugated cladding, refinishing faded aluminum siding and repairing scratched & damaged aluminum spandrel panel systems.

Oxidized clear aluminum window frame cleaning & refinishing.

Restoring acid etched clear aluminum window frame finishes.

Sun damaged & weathered aluminum window mullion restoration.
Exterior oxidized aluminum window frame refinishing. Cleaning old and faded aluminum window frames.
Repairing damaged aluminum window frames and restoring acid etched aluminum window frames.
Cleaning and refinishing sun bleached, aged, old and faded aluminum window frames.
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On-site restoration cleaning & surface preservation of aged, faded, stained, bleached, weathered & oxidized aluminum finishes requires our highly trained & skilled technicians to remove pollutants, rust, salt water / salt air residue, oxidation and silicone caulking residue from the skin and pores of the aluminum surface finish. Restoration cleaned metal outlasts traditional cleaning. This is why the nations largest Engineering, Architectural, Development & Property Management Companies contact York Property Company to specify & restore the nations most prestigious and landmark buildings.

Project - Restoring Silicone Caulking Stained Clear Anodized Aluminum - Promega Corp. - Madison, Wisconsin

Restoring oxidized clear aluminum panels.
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Our environmentally friendly, biodegradable and safe aluminum cleaning materials, aluminum restoration products & chemicals are specified for cleaning, repairing, renovating, refinishing, preserving and protecting hardcoat interior & exterior aluminum finishes. . Natural / Clear (Silver) Colored Anodized Aluminum
Light, Medium, Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminum
Black Anodized Aluminum Color Finishes
. Alcoa Duranodic Aluminum Color Finishes
. Kawneer Permanodic Aluminum Color Finishes
. Alcan Alucobond / Alucore Solid Color Finishes

Restoring acid etched storefront aluminum window frames.

Removing scratches & stucco from aluminum window frames.

Repairing concrete & mortar damage on an aluminum curtain wall.
Restoring acid etched aluminum storefront window frames. Cleaning acid burned aluminum window frames.
Aluminum scratch removal. Removing scratches from aluminum window frames.
Removing concrete from aluminum. We get concrete off of aluminum window frames.
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Interior and exterior aluminum construction cleaning and restoration involves the removal of debris, stucco overspray residue, acid etching stains & burn marks, concrete, cement & mortar slurry, paint overspray and contaminants from the aluminum surface finishes that were stained, damaged and etched during on-going construction activity. York Property Company is the trusted source for leading Construction & Development Companies to repair and refinish their new construction damaged aluminum finishes.

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Stained & oxidized aluminum siding.
Clean, restored & protected aluminum.
We are experts at cleaning aluminum window frames, maintaining aluminum panels, washing aluminum window wall systems, refurbishing aluminum cladding, restoring aluminum siding and refinishing aluminum vision panel sills.
We provide our clients oxidized aluminum cleaning, stained aluminum refinishing, solvent etched aluminum restoration, fixing water damaged aluminum and repairing salt damaged aluminum.
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Project - Oxidized Aluminum Curtain Wall Restoration - GWL Realty Advisors Inc. - Toronto, Ontario

Aluminum building facade panels, metal siding and metal cladding are affected by sun / u.v. exposure, pollutants, corrosive elements, debris, salt air, dirt and increasing amounts of waterborne & airborne contaminants. Restoring old, pitted, oxidized and degraded aluminum cladding cleaning, refinishing and restoration. Oxidized, U.V. damaged, stained, chalked and faded aluminum building facade repairing, cleaning and refinishing.
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At York Property Company we have aluminum metal refinishing programs that clean, refinish, repair scratches, restore, protect and preserve exterior aluminum colored finishes. Some of these aluminum extrusions are faded aluminum window wall panels, bleached aluminum building facade panels, stained aluminum composite cladding, acid etched aluminum storefront window frames, oxidized aluminum sliding doors and pitted aluminum balcony railings.

Our aluminum deterioration refinishing systems restore the gloss, sheen, color and finish failure on the surface of architectural aluminum.

Contact us today at 888.351.3682 for nationwide service in the United States & Canada.

Pitted, aged & sun damaged aluminum restoration & preservation.

Oxidized & weathered clear aluminum facade panel restoration.

Removing concrete slurry from etched & damaged aluminum.
Getting the stains off of aluminum and getting the oxidation and pitting out of the aluminum surface.

Refurbishing, renovating and renewing faded, stained, pitted, discolored and oxidized exterior clear aluminum metal cladding, panels and siding.

We restore old, faded aluminum or aluminum ruined and damaged by concrete slurry, stucco or mortar to look new again and will protect them from the damage that the sun, salt air, acid rain, moisture and other damaging elements can cause.
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The York Property Company aluminum cleaning, aluminum refinishing and aluminum restoration systems for refinishing aluminum storefront window frames, refurbishing aluminum doors, restoring aluminum cladding, repairing aluminum siding and maintaining aluminum facade panels cleans, protects and restores the aluminum color and finish to "like new".

"I just want to write you a short note to congratulate you on a job well done!  Your hard work has certainly paid off as the anodized aluminum exterior of our Apple Canada head office has never looked better. Our employees have been commenting on the fact that we have to supply them with sunglasses to cut down the glare coming off our shiny aluminum building -- this is NOT an exaggeration!

I only wish all our vendors / suppliers were as good and true to what they claim they can accomplish.

I won't hesitate to call York Property Company for future aluminum maintenance and restoration projects."

Facilities Manager, Apple Canada, Inc.

Restoring oxidized, stained & faded clear aluminum window frames & panels.

Restoring Oxidized, Stained and Faded Anodized Aluminum. Clear protective coatings that clean, refinish, repair, restore, protect and preserve exterior commercial and industrial aluminum building facade and curtain wall corrugated metal siding panels and cladding finishes.

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Water damaged clear aluminum construction cleaning.

Stained & oxidized aluminum storefront & column restoration.

Oxidized clear aluminum cladding cleaning & refinishing.

Painting aluminum is the only cost effective alternative when the aluminum is beyond repair. We strip paint from aluminum when the paint starts peeling.

Dull, oxidized, weathered, sun bleached, faded metal surfaces. Cleaning and restoring faded aluminum siding with our aluminum cleaning, refurbishing and renewing systems. Brings the color, gloss and sheen to new again.
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York Property Company's commercial, industrial and residential aluminum metal refinishing systems maintain & repair salt water / salt air damaged clear aluminum building facade panels, protect & preserve bleached & oxidized bronze aluminum ground floor storefront window frames and seal & refurbish, faded, pitted & acid etched black aluminum entrance doors, sliding doors & revolving doors.

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Concrete stained & damaged aluminum.

Concrete removal & aluminum refinishing.
We have aluminum construction cleaning; aluminum restoration cleaning; aluminum scratch removal; aluminum algae, mold & mildew removal; aluminum masonry, concrete slurry, mortar and stucco remover programs. Our aluminum clear protective coatings clean, repair, restore and preserve sun faded and stained aluminum siding, signs, plaques, awnings, canopies, skylights, column covers, balcony railings and extrusions.

Our acid etched aluminum cleaning, bleached aluminum refinishing and faded aluminum renovation program outperforms other aluminum remedial maintenance systems for cleaning dirty aluminum, refurbishing oxidized aluminum, rejuvenating curtain wall window mullions, repairing metal roofing, statue and sculpture painting and protecting sun & u.v. damaged aluminum metal siding finishes.
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Project - Repairing Damaged Anodized Aluminum - Shaw-Lundquist, Inc. - Iowa State University - Ames, Iowa

Cleaning and refinishing oxidized and acid etched aluminum.

"York Property Company was a very professional company in all facets of the job; from the planning stages to completion. The project manager and superintendent were very knowledgeable, polite, and accommodating. If any problems arose, York Property Company was quick to rectify them. Usually before I brought it to their attention."

"York Property Company's well earned reputation has been very evident through the aluminum restoration phase of this project by the well organized and maintained construction work site, marshaling area for materials, designated employee parking and the manner of each York Property Company employee. I recommend York Property Company for any acid etched aluminum project they are considering."

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Contact us about cleaning salt water damaged, pitting and rusting aluminum window frames; refinishing scratched aluminum window wall panels; refurbishing stained aluminum paneling; restoring oxidized aluminum cladding and maintaining faded colored aluminum architectural metal finishes.

York Property Company provides high quality stained aluminum cleaning, oxidized aluminum refinishing, scratched aluminum restoration & mineral stained aluminum maintenance solutions. Our highly trained company technician's clean, repair, refinish & restore aluminum architectural metal surface finishes on-site.

With every aluminum restoration project we analyze the needs of our customers & develop a comprehensive maintenance program. This custom aluminum maintenance program ensures our clients architectural aluminum metal finishes remain looking their best for years to come.

Contact us today at 888.351.3682 for nationwide service in the United States & Canada.

Our environmentally friendly, biodegradable and safe aluminum cleaning materials, products and chemicals clean old corrugated aluminum cladding, refinish pitting aluminum spandrel panels, refurbish aged & weathered aluminum window frames and repair / restore damaged & oxidized aluminum metal finishes.

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