Oxidized aluminum cleaning, stucco damaged aluminum maintenance, etched aluminum refinishing and corroded aluminum restoration services.Restoring oxidized aluminum storefront window frames and acid etched aluminum window mullions.
Refinishing acid etched aluminum, restoring chemical burned aluminum and repairing stucco damaged aluminum window frames.

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CASE STUDY 22 - Washing and Refurbishing Oxidized Aluminum Storefront Window Frames and Aluminum Mullions

Condition:  During construction the aluminum storefront window frames, aluminum sliding doors and aluminum mullions on this Venice Beach, CA condominium were damaged, marred and blemished by stucco overspray. The stucco residue stained, acid etched and oxidized the aluminum. The architect and owner wanted the stucco stains, debris and residue removed and the aluminum cleaned and repaired of aluminum surface damage corrosion, etching and contamination. We were asked how to clean, refurbish and repair the damaged aluminum finishes and extrusions.

The Solution:  A York Property Company Technical Advisor assisted the architect with the aluminum stucco damage analysis and the correct specification to remove the stucco from the aluminum surfaces. To get the stucco off of the aluminum finishes we implemented our aluminum stucco remover program which enabled the aluminum to be clean, refurbished and repaired of the staining, stucco residue, corrosion, etching and oxidation.

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Cleaning aluminum, repairing aluminum and restoring concrete, mortar and stucco damaged aluminum storefront window frames, aluminum sliding glass doors and aluminum mullions.

Commercial and industrial aluminum window frames, aluminum cladding, corrugated siding panels, window sills and flashing degrade and deteriorate due to age; airborne & waterborne contaminants, sunlight & u.v. ray deterioration; iron oxide rust deposits; damaging chemical cleaning procedures; biological & pollution stains; dirty window cleaning runoff and leeching & bleeding silicone caulking film.

Interior and exterior aluminum finishes are contaminated, discolored, tarnished and damaged by lime residue, calcium scale & mineral deposit staining; algae, mold & mildew stains; efflorescence salt spray, salt air corrosion & salt water damage; acid rain contamination and pollutants. Aluminum is also adversely affected when subjected to wind driven debris; wear & tear; damp conditions; fog, moisture, heat and humidity weathering; aluminum ghosting shadows, chemical burning, neglect and a lack of aluminum cleaning and aluminum preventive maintenance washing. All of these damaging, corrosive, acidic and caustic environmental contaminants negatively affect aluminum oxidation resistance, aluminum corrosion protection, aluminum surface preservation and the performance of aluminum cladding, aluminum window frames, aluminum siding and aluminum panel surface finishes.

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York Property Company understands the materials selection to clean, refinish, renovate, refurbish, paint, maintain, repair and restore our clients pitted, scratched, oxidized, corroded, weathered, bleached, acid etched, chemically stained and damaged aluminum building facade panels, aluminum curtain wall mullions, aluminum balcony railings, aluminum sliding glass doors, aluminum revolving & entrance doors, aluminum brightwork and aluminum storefront window frames. We take pride in educating our clients that proper aluminum cleaning, aluminum maintenance washing, aluminum refinishing and aluminum restoration is vital to keeping aluminum finishes protected from winter salt, dirt, grime, corrosive oxidation, discoloration, graffiti and vandalism. Aluminum is susceptible to hard water spots and hard water stains; damaging polluted acid rain; chemical contamination and corrosive oxidation surface blemishes.

Without preventive aluminum cleaning and aluminum maintenance; costly aluminum painting or aluminum replacement is inevitable. Contact us and let us show you how to restore the original look, maintain, refurbish, protect and preserve aluminum finishes while saving money in the long run.

Getting stucco off of aluminum and removing paint from aluminum.

The York Property Company aluminum hand washing, aluminum power washing, aluminum steam cleaning, aluminum hot & cold pressure cleaning, aluminum polishing, aluminum restoration, aluminum brightening and aluminum refinishing systems clean, repair, resurface, recondition, restore, renew, refurbish, brighten and rejuvenate old, dull & dingy, dirty & grimy, soiled, chalky, streaked, acid burned, polluted, deteriorated, faded, contaminated, aged, fire, water and smoke damaged, pitted, chemically etched and oxidized aluminum surface finishes. We are experts at maintaining and restoring Alcoa Duranodic, Kawneer Permanodic and Alcan Alucobond / Alucore aluminum color finishes.

Our new construction clients have us get paint overspray splatter off of aluminum; clean off drywall mud, plaster & debris; remove aluminum stucco overspray & Dryvit EIFS contamination; get off dried sealers and adhesives; remove asphalt, tar, concrete slurry, grout residue, mortar smear and cement residue; repair aluminum scuffs; get out aluminum dents and fix aluminum scratches on new mill finish aluminum surfaces.

Our spray applied lacquers, clear protective coatings, waxes, polishes, aluminum brighteners and aluminum paint coatings provide long lasting protection; effectively restore aluminum color depth; enhance gloss; bring back the natural luster & silver metallic sheen; stop aluminum corrosion & environmental pollution damage; eliminate oxidation contamination, aluminum discoloration and aluminum deterioration on chalked, faded, pitted, acid etched, chemically stained, bleached, oxidized and sun light / u.v. ray damaged aluminum metal finishes.

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