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Aluminum construction cleaning.

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CASE STUDY 25 - Stained, Blemished and Scarred Aluminum Construction Cleaning, Aluminum Rust Removal

Condition:  The interior aluminum window frames and aluminum mullions on this new construction project were damaged, marred, blemished and stained during construction. Iron oxide metal shavings and grinding dust had covered all of the window frames. The metal shavings impregnated the aluminum surface and started rusting on the aluminum finishes. The rust within the aluminum could not be removed with traditional aluminum construction cleaning.

The Solution:  The General Contractor retained us as an expert to clean the rust stained, rust marked and rust damaged window frames. We had to return the aluminum clad window mullions to the original condition without damaging the anodic layer protecting the aluminum substrate. We fixed the problem with our aluminum construction cleaning and aluminum rust removal system. The aluminum rust removel program gets the rust off the aluminum surface and leaves the aluminum window frames clean, repaired and free of damage.

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Cleaning, fixing and removing rust from aluminum window frames and aluminum mullions.

Getting sticky dried duct tape residue off of aluminum window frames. Removing stickers and sticker shadow hazing from aluminum finishes.

Cleanig, repairing and refurbishing construction damaged and stained aluminum window frames and aluminum mullions.

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Request an analysis of your buildings oxidized aluminum, pitted aluminum, mold and mildew stained aluminum, chalked and faded exterior aluminum clad panels. We will be provide you an aluminum refurbishing, aluminum oxidation removal and aluminum chemical stain removal recommendation.

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