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CASE STUDY 61 - Commercial Refinishing & Painting Aluminum Storefront Entrance Doors and Window Frames

Condition:  The dark green painted aluminum storefront entrance doors and painted aluminum window frames to this shopping mall were scarred, scratched and damaged from the non-stop pedestrian traffic on a daily basis. The paint was chipping, faded and flaking off. The painted aluminum entrance got to the point that it was an eyesore.

The Solution:  The shopping mall management and engineering department requested a fix for the painted aluminum doors and painted aluminum window frames that would standup to the daily pedestrian traffic. We prepared, painted and refinished the entrance doors and window frames with our high performance painted aluminum spray applied pigmented coating. The mall entrance looks new again.

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Painted and restored shopping mall entrance doors and window frames.

At York Property Company we clean, wash, refurbish, renew, revitalize and recondition painted aluminum panels, painted aluminum ground floor storefront window frames and painted aluminum entrance doors. We remove oxidation from painted aluminum window frames. We stop corrosion from eating away at painted aluminum panels. We get stains, scuff marks and blemishes off of painted aluminum finishes.

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When we clean, refinish, refurbish, repair and restore damaged, oxidized, pitted, stained and bleached painted aluminum entrance doors, we emphasize the distinction between what can be done and what needs to be done.

Do you have a question about painted aluminum storefront window frame and entrance door cleaning, maintenance, painting, refinishing or restoration? 

Contact us today at 610.442.2131 and request an analysis of your buildings exterior painted aluminum storefront window frame finishes. 

We will provide you a cost-saving painted aluminum storefront window frame and entrance door refurbishing, painting, repairing, protection and preservation recommendation.

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Do you have a question about painted aluminum cleaning, repairing, refinishing and restoration? We will be pleased to provide a cost-saving painted aluminum scratch removal, rust removal, refurbish, repair, refinish, maintenance and restoration recommendation.

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