Dirty anodized aluminum panel cleaning, stainless steel scratch removal, oxidized anodized aluminum refinishing, stained anodized aluminum siding restoration and washing weather damaged anodized aluminum.
Concrete particulate stained anodized aluminum cleaning, metal building cleaning, chemically etched anodized aluminum refinishing, acid burned anodized aluminum restoration and new construction anodized aluminum cleaning.
Silicone caulking stained anodized aluminum panel painting, contaminated anodized aluminum painting, deteriorated anodized aluminum window frame painting and painting Duranodic anodized aluminum window frames.
Dull and faded anodized aluminum cleaning, scratched and abraded anodized aluminum refinishing, scratched anodized aluminum restoration and repairing wind damaged anodized aluminum.
Weathered painted aluminum cleaning, sun damaged painted aluminum refinishing, salt water pitted painted aluminum restoration and washing scuffed painted aluminum maintenance.
Acid etched and discolored anodized aluminum cleaning, mortar stained anodized aluminum window frame refinishing, lime etched anodized aluminum restoration and chemical acid wash damaged anodized aluminum maintenance.
Faded painted aluminum cleaning, concrete damaged painted aluminum refinishing, stucco stained painted aluminum restoration and mineral deposit damaged painted aluminum cleaning.
Marred finish anodized aluminum cleaning, scuffed anodized aluminum refinishing, surface scratched anodized aluminum storefront restoration and color faded anodized aluminum window wall maintenance.
Oxidized anodized aluminum cleaning, scratched anodized aluminum refinishing, stucco acid etched anodized aluminum restoration and capping acid burned anodized aluminum.

Streaked anodized aluminum cleaning, stained anodized aluminum refinishing, corroded anodized aluminum restoration and oxidized anodized aluminum maintenance.Caulking stained painted aluminum cleaning, scratched painted aluminum refinishing, peeling painted aluminum restoration and painting sun faded painted aluminum.
Stained anodized aluminum cleaning, discolored anodized aluminum refinishing, uneven finish anodized aluminum restoration and washing corrosive contaminants off of anodized aluminum window frames.

Weathered clear anodized aluminum cleaning, Kawneer oxidized anodized aluminum refinishing, corrosive acid etched anodized aluminum restoration, Alucobond panel cleaning and sun faded anodized aluminum maintenance.
Discolored stainless steel cleaning, weathered stainless steel corrugated panel refinishing, oxidized stainless steel panel restoration and rusting stainless steel maintenance.
Acid stained Kawneer anodized aluminum cleaning, corrosive caustic oxidation anodized aluminum refinishing, scratched anodized aluminum storefront window frame restoration and pollution contaminated anodized aluminum door frame cleaning.
Washing acid etched anodized aluminum cleaning, cleaning stucco stained anodized aluminum refinishing, mortar damaged anodized aluminum restoration and fixing acid burned anodized aluminum window frames.
Contaminated Kawneer anodized aluminum cleaning, washing black mold and green mildew stained anodized aluminum refinishing, refurbishing dull color and faded gloss anodized aluminum restoration and washing oxidized anodized aluminum window frames.
Stained anodized aluminum painting, degraded anodized aluminum window frame painting, corroded anodized aluminum clad siding panel painting and acid etched anodized aluminum painting.

Acid burned stainless steel cleaning, acid etched stainless steel refinishing, metal building cleaning, washing corroded stainless steel restoration, cleaning Alucobond panels and cleaning rusting interior stainless steel kitchen equipment.

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Case Study 69 - Restoring Oxidized, Stained and Faded Anodized Aluminum

Restoring an oxidized, stained and faded anodized aluminum clad panel system and painting pitted anodized aluminum storefront window frames.
>> View Case Study here.

"I just want to write you a short note to congratulate you on a job well done! Your hard work has certainly paid off as the anodized aluminum exterior of our Apple Canada head office has never looked better. Our employees have been commenting on the fact that we have to supply them with sunglasses to cut down the glare coming off our shiny anodized aluminum building -- this is NOT an exaggeration!"

"I only wish all our vendors / suppliers were as good and true to what they claim they can accomplish. I won't hesitate to call York Property Company for future anodized aluminum maintenance and restoration projects."

Facilities Manager, Apple Canada, Inc.

Case Study 4 - Restoring Dirty and Silicone Caulking Stained Anodized Aluminum Clad Panels

Cleaning dirty anodized aluminum building facade panels.

>> View Case Study here.

"I had the pleasure of working with York Property Company on a restoration project at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Bronx, NY. The anodized aluminum panels had not been cleaned in over 30 years and they were showing their age."

"Their team was extremely helpful from beginning to end. The professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail could not be matched or beat. York Property Company worked with the General Contractor for several months to complete the project. I have never seen a building shine the way this building does now. The building looks brand new again. Everyone is very happy with the outcome as the building could not be any cleaner."

"It has been a pleasure working with York Property Company and would absolutely work with them again. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the project."

Project Engineer, Fellenzer Engineering, LLP

Case Study 78 - Cleaning and Repairing Concrete Stained and Damaged Anodized Aluminum Window Frames

Cleaning concrete stained anodized aluminum window frames and repairing damaged anodized aluminum window frames.

>> View Case Study here.

"York Property Company was a very professional company in all facets of the job; from the planning stages to completion. The project manager and superintendent were very knowledgeable, polite, and accommodating. If any problems arose, York Property Company was quick to rectify them. Usually before I brought it to their attention."

"York Property Company's well earned reputation has been very evident through the anodized aluminum restoration phase of this project by the well organized and maintained construction work site, marshaling area for materials, designated employee parking and the manner of each York Property Company employee. I recommend York Property Company for any acid etched anodized aluminum project they are considering."

Senior Project Manager, Shaw-Lundquist Associates, Inc

Case Study 32 - Restoring Silicone Caulking Stained and Damaged Anodized Aluminum Clad Panels

Restoring silicone caulking stained and damaged anodized aluminum clad panels.

>> View Case Study here.

"I have had an extremely positive experience with York Property Company and will continue to seek them out as future opportunities present themselves. I highly recommend York Property Company as an anodized aluminum restoration contractor which should be obvious by our history of retaining them on successive projects and intend to continue the relationship in the future."

"Your dedication to quality and sensitivity to the client’s needs is what sets your company apart, and is what has made our relationship such a success."

Manager, Facilities Services, Promega Corporation

Case Study 93 - Repairing Damaged Anodized Aluminum and Anodized Aluminum Restoration Consulting

Bleached painted aluminum cleaning, scratched painted aluminum window frame refinishing, painting old painted aluminum restoration and washing dirty painted aluminum corrugated panels.

>> View Case Study here.

"York Property Company are experts at anodized aluminum restoration. They really helped me on a large loss that I had with Zurich."

"The insured was at $330,000.00 on replacing the anodized aluminum metal and their technical advisor came in with the cause and a solution. We are now going to clean the metal for a proposed number of just under $30,000.00. Very nice and extremely knowledgeable."

Executive General Adjuster, Zurich North America

Case Study 41 - Repairing and Restoring Chalked, Faded and Oxidized Painted Aluminum Panels

Painted aluminum building facade aluminum siding cleaning and restoration. Repairing and restoring a chalked, faded and oxidized painted aluminum metal cladding panel system.

>> View Case Study here.

"Looks great. Thank you again for all your help. Your quality workmanship is without comparison."

Facilities Contract Specialist, U.S.P.S. Eastern Facilities Service Office

Case Study 33 - Oxidized and Acid Etched Anodized Aluminum Finish Restoration

Oxidized and acid etched anodized aluminum restoration. Oxidized anodized aluminum cleaning, washing chemical damaged anodized aluminum refinishing, silicone caulking stained anodized aluminum restoration and repairing old anodized aluminum.

>> View Case Study here.

"Thank you for the fine job you did in restoring the finish on the anodized aluminum bands at our project in Richmond, Virginia. Prior to your arrival, we were concerned that the anodized aluminum panels could not be restored to a satisfactory appearance and would have to be replaced."

"Your workmanship and attention to detail were excellent and the building owner was very satisfied with the final product. We will not hesitate to use or recommend York Property Company for any similar type project in the future."

Vice President Construction, Jack Bays, Inc.

Case Study 53 - Painting a Chalked and Faded Painted Aluminum Curtain Wall System

Dirty stainless steel cleaning, discolored stainless steel refinishing, weathered stainless steel restoration and washing acid stained stainless steel maintenance.

>> View Case Study here.

"I have had the pleasure of York Property Company painting the painted aluminum metal cladding on this site over the last several months. In spite of the complexity of the job (thirty-seven storeys), and the unique physical shape of the structure, the work was completed professionally and expeditiously."

"Not only am I extremely satisfied with the workmanship, I do not hesitate to recommend York Property for any project they indicate they can accomplish."

Property Manager, Brookfield Properties Corporation

Case Study 6 - Repairing and Restoring Acid Etched Anodized Aluminum Window Frames

Rejuvenating, renovating and renewing acid etched anodized aluminum window frames.

>> View Case Study here.

"Thanks for the great job in East Hampton. Having this problem resolved was very important to us, our client and the subcontractor. We were all concerned that the unsightly etching lines left on the anodized aluminum would be a permanent blemish."

"I also appreciated your patience and flexibility as we worked out the details for how to approach this remedial work. You served us in a very professional manner"

Executive Vice President, Telemark Service and Maintenance

Case Study 14 - Anodized Aluminum Scratch Removal, Repairing Construction Damage and Removing Stucco

Capping dinged and dented anodized aluminum window frames and repairing acid burned anodized aluminum window frames.

>> View Case Study here.

"The positive attitudes, professionalism and cooperation of the York Property Company personnel; your project manager, superintendent and all other project support team members made what could have been a “nightmare project” a monumental success. The housing facility opened as planned and the quality and workmanship was exceptional."

"Our Superintendent commented that it was the best anodized aluminum remedial maintenance project he had ever seen. Congratulations on a job well done!”

Project Manager, Archer Western Contractors

Case Study 26 - Anodized Aluminum Door, Storefront and Column Cover Refinishing

Cleaning dirty anodized aluminum doors, washing grimy anodized aluminum storefront window caps and cleaning grease and oil off of anodized aluminum column cover refinishing.

>> View Case Study here.

"Thank you for a well run job. We love the results."

Facilities Operations Manager, G.M.A.C. Insurance Management Corporation

Case Study 34 - Painting a Bleached & Oxidized Painted Aluminum Curtain Wall

Painted aluminum curtain wall refinishing.

>> View Case Study here.

"In the summer - early fall of this year we had the painted aluminum metal panels on our building restored by York Property Company. Everyone was extremely pleased with the end result. The difference was very dramatic. The project management team was very efficient in organizing the work and crews and was able to finish this large project on schedule."

"They were also very thorough in communicating their progress throughout the job, by keeping us updated on an almost daily basis. We would encourage anyone considering this type of work to contact York Property."

Property Manager, Brookfield Properties Corporation

Case Study 61 - Caulking Stained Stainless Steel Building Facade Restoration Cleaning

Company that cleans dirty stained stainless steel clad building panels.

>> View Case Study here.

"You did a great job on our building. I do appreciate your knowledge, skill and professionalism!"

Vice President of Administration, Siskin Hospital for Rehabilitation

Case Study 2 - Bronze Anodized Aluminum Restoration and Long-Term Maintenance

Bronze anodized aluminum curtain wall washing, restoration and long-term maintenance.

>> View Case Study here.

"York Property Company's refinishing of all the anodized aluminum on our 140,000 sq. ft. NUS Corporate Plaza office building in Park Ridge, NJ was a project well-conceived; well-planned; and well-executed. Best of all, the owners, who as you know are very hands-on, feel that they have gotten lots of bang for the buck."

"Don't hesitate to call me, our Building Manager, or the owners directly for what I can assure you will be a qualified endorsement."

Construction Manager, Sartak Holdings, Inc.

Case Study 10 - Stainless Steel Building Facade Restoration Cleaning

Stainless steel metal building facade restoration cleaning.

>> View Case Study here.

"For years we were unable to find a contractor to restore our exterior stainless steel panels. Fortunately we found York Property Company."

"You and your men did a fantastic job with the project. Thank you for your professionalism and expertise."

Facilities Manager, Adidas U.S.A.

Case Study 15 - Concrete and Mortar Damage - Anodized Aluminum Construction Cleaning

Cleaning concrete stained anodized aluminum window frames.

>> View Case Study here.

"We were very clear with the problems and issues we had encountered with our previous metal restoration contractor and were not convinced this project with York Property Company would be any different. You promised me that you were the industry experts at removing acid etching blemishes from oxidized and burned anodized aluminum finishes.... I am now a true believer."

"The quality of work appears to be without peer. We were very impressed with the attention to detail and you assuring us that things were done right. The professionalism and pride of the York Property Company team, and the cleanliness of the site throughout the anodized aluminum restoration project is without compare. Thank you for all your efforts. The results are fantastic."

Project Manager, Shelco, Inc.

Case Study 68 - Clear Anodized Aluminum Building Facade Cleaning and Refinishing

Clear anodized aluminum building facade siding cleaning and anodized aluminum refinishing.

>> View Case Study here.

"After almost a year of extensive research, testing and vendors telling me that the only sure fire solution was to paint the stained and oxidized anodized aluminum panels I am grateful that I found York Property Company. They were the only professional who guaranteed that they could restore the anodized aluminum panels back to their original luster of sixteen (16) years ago."

"The anodized aluminum panels look fantastic! Upper management was astonished at the results. You could not ask for a more dedicated individual who performs as promised."

"If all my vendors and suppliers performed as well as York Property Company, I would be worry free. I highly recommend York Property for restoration of any architectural anodized aluminum panels. You will not be disappointed; only thankful that York Property Company was on the job!"

Manager, Facilities Services, Promega Corporation

Case Study 36 - Cleaning and Repairing Scratched and Damaged Stainless Steel

New construction - Cleaning, repairing and refinishing scratched, rusting and damaged interior stainless steel finishes.

>> View Case Study here.

"The stainless steel kitchen looks great. I appreciate your expertise in removing all of the unsightly scratches from the stainless steel finishes. The restaurant is taking on the vision I started working on over seven years ago."

"Thanks for your help, it was a pleasure."

Owner, Shrimp Boat Restaurant

Case Study 52 - Anodized Aluminum Building Facade Refinishing

Building One
Refurbishing and renovating sun damaged, bleached, pitting and old anodized aluminum metal cladding panels and siding.
>> View Case Study here.

Case Study 54 - Anodized Aluminum Building Facade Refinishing

Building Two
Anodized aluminum building facade painting and refinishing.
>> View Case Study here.

"Thank you for the magic you did on the hopeless condition of the clear anodized aluminum facade on our two buildings here in Houston, Texas. Not only are we pleased with the results of the cleaning and finishing of the facade but we want to extend our appreciation and thanks to you and your crew that did an impossible job working around the trucks, ramps, dumpsters and the outside concrete repair contractor. It was a pleasure to see the effort and co-ordination that you put forth to keep our tenants and the other contractor on the job working together and happy to do whatever it took to do a professional job."

"We could not find anyone that could
restore our anodized aluminum facade. The only recommendation that we had was to paint the anodized aluminum facade. The president of our company refused to have the anodized aluminum buildings painted because of continuous maintenance - in fact we were going to replace the entire anodized aluminum facade unless we could find someone to do the proper job of anodized aluminum restoration. We cannot thank you enough not only for your performance but also your ability to return our anodized aluminum to its original beauty and luster."

Vice President, Amega Corporation

Case Study 12 - Exterior Anodized Aluminum Building Facade Panel Restoration

UV damage, airborne pollutants, waterborne contaminants all damaged the old, aged, dull and faded anodized aluminum doors, window frames and panels.

>> View Case Study here.

"Everything looks great. I know senior management will be pleased!"

Facilities Lead, ADP - Automatic Data Processing, Inc.

Case Study 48 - Painting Oxidized Painted Aluminum Building Facade Panels

Cleaning and restoring painted aluminum building facade panels.

>> View Case Study here.

"We would like to confirm that Davpart Inc. had contracted York Property Company to restore the exterior painted aluminum panels of the above mentioned property. We must say that we were satisfied with the professional way York Property conducted themselves during the entire operation."

"You minimized the inconvenience to our tenants by properly co-ordinating your operations. We were also satisfied with the quality of workmanship when the job was completed. We look forward to doing business with York Property Company again in the future."

Property Manager, Davpart, Inc.

Case Study 21 - Anodized Aluminum Curtain Wall Panel Restoration

Anodized aluminum curtain wall panel restoration.

>> View Case Study here.

"I have worked with York Property Company on several occasions and find them to be a reliable company with a sound knowledge base of the metal refinishing business."

Asset Manager, GWL Realty Advisors

Case Study 42 - Oxidized Stainless Steel Curtain Wall Cleaning and Refinishing

Oxidized, pitting and rusting stainless steel curtain wall cleaning and refinishing.

>> View Case Study here.

"I just want to write you a short note and congratulate you and your staff on a job well done! Your hard work has certainly paid off, as the stainless steel exterior of our Polaris Realty head office building looks as good as new."

"Your on-site personnel were courteous, clean and their attention to safety unmatched. I will not hesitate to call on York Property Company for future stainless steel maintenance and restoration projects."

Construction Manager, Central Region, Polaris Realty Limited

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